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Due to the situation in Israel, the Journey has been postponed until further notice. You are welcome to join the journey at a later stage.


We want to send out a younger generation of visionaries, with a common wish to make the world a better place and as God’s ambassadors for good.

On our journey to Israel, we will go ashore in England, Spain, Portugal, Ibiza, Italy and Cyprus.

As young ambassadors for good, we will seek to bless the port cities we dock at on our way to Israel with good deeds. For this reason, we will partner with organisations such as Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and collaborate with local churches. In each of these European cities, we plan to share the peaceful message of the gospel, and bring a practical demonstration of blessing.

Practical Information

Things to bring

Remember these items for your packing list

Warm clothes

You must bring hardwearing, warm clothes that are water- and windproof, and good shoes. Even if you sail in summer, it can be cold at sea, especially on night watch.

Other clothes for the journey

Enough clothes, toiletries and towel. Normally, it’s not possible to wash your clothes on board. However, if your voyage is longer than one week, you may contact the sergeant about using the ship washing machine.

Equipment for sailing

Also bring a cap, gloves, shoes with rubber soles, or rubber boots, suntan lotion and sunglasses.


Passport, this also applies to Norwegians sailing between Norwegian ports.

Sleeping bag

Bring your own sleeping bag, not to warm.

Soft bag and small backpack

Pack your belongings in a soft bag without wheels. (it must be stored in your locker, which only takes 120 liters). Also bring a small backpack for going ashore.


Bring a small padlock for your personal locker, or buy one on board.

Mobile phone and charger

There is no mobile phone coverage when we are in open sea. If you require contact with people ashore, the ship and the office will assist you. The power supply onboard is 220V AC.

Personal medicines

Any personal medicine you will need. Remember to notify the sergeant and watch leader on board if you use seasick medication or seasick bandage. When using seasickness medication, you are not allowed to enter the rig within a certain time after use.


You may bring snacks, or buy them in the on board shop that carries snacks, chocolate, soft drinks, toiletries and souvenirs

Life on board

Passengers are divided into 3 teams that go on duty for 4 hours on and 8 hours off. The duty hours are 4-8, 8-12 and 12-4 (both AM and PM). This makes for an exciting voyage where you get to know your ship mates better.

Watch posts


Posted on the foredeck or, in heavy weather, on the poop-deck. The look-out reports all objects sighted: boats, fishing equipment, wreck-goods and other floating goods.


Posted at the wheel on the poop-deck. Steers the ship under supervision of the ship’s crew.

Fire and safety watch

The fire-watch patrols the entire ship every 30 minutes, starting on deck and following the designated patrol route.

Galley duty

One or two trainees from each watch can be posted in the galley or pantry, for one day, to assist the cooks during meals.

Free time

During your free time, you are welcome to relax with a good book, take photos or talk with your fellow trainees over a good cup of coffee. You are also welcome to help with the current shift, if you wish.

Food and meals

We serve tasty and nutritional meals aboard. Fresh fish is served often. Remember to report any food allergies when ordering your voyage. Please inform us before the voyage begins.

While at sea, meals are served at the following times:

0730: Breakfast
1200: Lunch
1730: Dinner

Further food in the late evening is available as required for the night shifts.

Sleeping arrangements

While at sea you will sleep either on a bunk, or in a hammock. There are separate bathrooms for women and men.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of questions to be asked when preparing for such a journey. Here are a few answers to the most common ones.

Age limit

The age limit is 15 years old (on departure date), and 12 years when sailing with parents on non-race legs. We have zero tolerance if trainees under 18 years use alcohol, or drugs, including in ports.


Everyone in normal good health can join the voyage. We expect that as many as possible enter the rigging, but if you do not want to please inform the crew. If you have a health restriction, this must be considered. For many, the sea is a strange element and health constraints you do not think about daily can be exacerbated on board. It is expected that all on board are able to take care of themselves as the crew does not have the capacity to provide extra help to the individual. A health restriction will be further worsened in bad weather. If you use a wheelchair or crutches, you can not attend a tour.

It is important that all allergies and all prescription drug use must be registered. Please note that medicines lose their effect when combined with sea sickness. Remember to report to the sergeant and watchman on board if you are using sea sickness tablets or sea sickness patches (we recommend recycled plastics). When using sea sickness drugs, you can not participate with rigging for a certain amount of time after ingestion.


To make everybody’s sailing experience as safe and pleasant as possible, it is vital that each and every person is familiar with, and respects the ship’s safety rules. Please study the ship’s safety plan, and note the location of the life saving equipment. Sitting upon the pin rails or railings is not allowed for safety reasons. Walk, don’t run, and be careful both on, and below deck.

On your first trip aloft you will be accompanied by one of the ship’s crew. Always remove loose articles, like mobile phones, keys, coins, sunglasses etc. from your pockets. If you wear glasses they must be securely fastened.

You may go aloft only when ordered to do so, or after given permission from the watch officer or the watch leader.

Refund Policy

Normal withdrawal period 24 hours.

25% deposit is non-refundable.

From 1 month before: no refund

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if there is anything you want to know.