Second Stage of the Journey

London – Santiago

This stage starts in London on 8th of August

We set sail on 9th of August

We sail for 8 days

We arrive in Santiago de Compostela on 16th of August

This stage ends on 17th of August (9 days total)

London (8th of August)
to Santiago de Compostela (17th of August)

Price: 15300 NOK

This second part of our journey starts in a spectacular way. On the morning of the 9th of August we leave London and sail down the Thames, enjoying the fantastic British landscape. We will say farewell to the London Eye, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey.

Now we will be heading towards the coastline of Spain, and the City of Santiago de Compostela. Before we get there, we will need to cross the Biscayan Bay. It can be rough but fun, because this is the right kind of ship to cross this infamous part of the ocean. Be prepared for a real sailing experience, but also long summer nights on deck and beautiful sunsets and sunrises.

Everyone will have 4 hours duty sailing and 8 hours off duty. Added to that will be a one hour duty to intercede and worship in the prayer room on board. This is the ultimate team building experience, and you will definitely create some friendships for life.

On the the 16th of August, we will dock at the port of Villa Garcia de Arousa. This is where Sigurd Jorsalfar and his men came from to reach Santiago in 1109AD. The origin of the Pilgrim Way starts here close to the Villa Garcia, where we will stay for one night. That day, we will check out our bags and say goodbye to the ship!

On the 17th of August we will follow the Camino route up to the city. We will walk with hundreds of other pilgrims for 27 km to reach the city. It will be a great opportunity to share the love of God with people we meet on our way. As we enter the City of Santiago de Compostella, our dream is to come together with as many believers as possible in the great Cathedral, worshipping and celebrating God’s goodness!

In an opposite spirit to the acts King Sigurd (which involved stealing food from local farmers in this city), we hope to set up a place for distributing food instead! This will be a redemptive act to bless rather than to take.

On the evening of the 17th you will then be done with this stage of the journey, and new people will take your place on the ship that same evening. But if you wish, feel free to travel ahead of us to Jerusalem and greet us there when we arrive next month!

The other Stages of the Journey

Oslo – Moster Return Journey

Jerusalem Journey: We will embark to sail the same route as did King Sigurd Jorsalfare and his 60 ships with 6000 men in AD 1108-1110.